Transfer Student Orientation 2016

Leslie Bottari, Staff Associate, UAAP

MIT’s transfer students form a special and unique community on campus. This year’s cohort is made up of 20 talented students from local colleges and universities and schools around the world, such as Bunker Hill Community College, Duke University, Smith College, Lewis & Clark College, Georgia Institute of Technology, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, and National Taiwan University.

The Institute initially classifies all transfer students as sophomores, while also offering them the same enrichment opportunities that are given to freshmen during the week of Orientation. Even though most transfers have experienced some type of orientation at their previous university, their week-long participation at MIT Orientation is unique. Attending Academic Expo, Activities Midway, and multitudes of community-building activities and meals with their Orientation group is only a glimpse of the highlights. Additionally, some students participate in Residence Exploration Opportunities (REX) and explore UROPs.

Transfer students have traditionally built a tight-knit community on campus. Although they are a small group of students at MIT, they have one thing in common: they have transferred from another college or university looking for a school that more closely aligns with their goals and dreams. We know they won’t be disappointed!