Terrascope Recognized by National Academy of Engineering


Freshman learning community recognized as an Exemplar in Engineering Ethics Education.

MIT’s Terrascope first-year learning program has been designated an Exemplar in Engineering Ethics Education by the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) Center for Engineering Ethics and Society (CEES), making it one of 25 programs nationwide to receive this honor. The NAE award is showcased in a report, Infusing Ethics into the Development of Engineers, in which the NAE highlights "programs and strategies for improving engineers' understanding of ethical and social issues." NAE is also working to create resources based on these exemplary programs, for the use of other educational institutions.

Ethical issues are a part of the program’s DNA according to longtime Terrascope lecturer Ari Epstein. “In Terrascope, ethical engineering practice is not treated as a separate skill set. Ethical considerations are fundamentally part of every problem the students take on, as they will be throughout these students’ careers.”

During their first semester at MIT, Terrascope students take 12.000 (Solving Complex Problems), in which they immerse themselves in all aspects of a complex, real-world problem and develop a solution. They then present and defend their solution in front of a panel of global experts...