Student Resources 2.0

Elizabeth Durant, Communications Coordinator, DUE HQ

Over the summer, the Student Resources website underwent some significant upgrades, just in time for the start of the academic year. The site—a collaboration among DUE, DSL, ODGE, and the Chancellor’s Office—offers a one-stop-shopping inventory of resources, services, offices, and other information for students, differentiated by what’s available to undergrads, grads, or both.

Many of the enhancements revolve around personal support and were prompted by requests from students, input from the MindHandHeart Initiative’s  help-seeking working group, and suggestions from communications staff in DUE, DSL, ODGE, MIT Medical, the Chancellor’s Office, and Communications Initiatives (formerly known as Communication Production Services).

The most significant improvements include:

  • Adding a banner, displayed at the top of each page of the site, with emergency numbers
  • On the Personal Support and Wellness page, elevating urgent resources to the top of the page in a Get Help section
  • Adding a section on peer support resources
  • Distinguishing which support resources are private and which are confidential
  • Improving the search functionality of the site
  • Ensuring the site meets accessibility guidelines
  • Making the site responsive and elevating it on the MIT app; it is now the 2nd link, after the MIT Homepage link. This winter, we hope to have an icon added to the 11 other icons on the app, to further raise visibility

Since Student Resources is now the most comprehensive listing of current support resources, the MIT Together website ( has been “retired.” All links to MIT Together now redirect users to the Personal Support and Wellness section of the Student Resources site.