Mobius App Released to Empower MIT Maker Community

Published in MIT News on March 18, 2016, by Terri Park, MIT Innovation Initiative

Novel app will remove barriers to student making at MIT, impact universities around the world.

With over 130,000 square feet of hands-on makerspaces, MIT has more of these facilities on its campus than anywhere in the world. Yet, according to findings from a student-wide survey conducted last summer, the top two places where MIT students make things are in their dorm rooms and off-campus. The reason? Students face too many barriers when trying to use MIT’s expansive maker infrastructure.

Students across the Institute need access to makerspaces not only for their studies but to work on personal and entrepreneurial projects. Rebecca Li, a junior majoring in mechanical engineering, notes that students often have to “hijack a club or lab’s machine shop access, pay many different membership fees, or stumble into little known shops like MITERS [MIT Electronics Research Society] and Maker Works.” According to Li, who helps manage the MITERS space as their facilities manager, the only way to find out about these options is effectively through referral. “If you are not involved in some builder club, lab, or group, you are unlikely to hear about all of the shops or what you have the ability to access,” she says...

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