Meet the Alumni: GECD and UAAP Hold Freshman/Sophomore Networking Reception

Meredith Pepin, Assistant Director, GECD

As part of our initiative to increase the engagement of younger students in career exploration and provide them with more opportunities, GECD teamed up with UAAP this February to connect freshmen and sophomores with alumni, both in and outside of their intended courses.

Twenty alumni shared their career and global experiences while networking with the classes of 2018 and 2019. The alumni hold a variety of degrees and titles, such as lead analyst, research psychologist, business developer, head scientist, director of social investment, junior faculty, process engineer, transportation and planning chief, and founder.

Freshmen/Sophomore Networking ReceptionConversations were lively, covering many topics: how alumni selected their major and found their current path, internships, mentorship, graduate school, international opportunities, favorite parts of MIT, challenges overcome, and the exciting day-to-day projects of alumni who are working toward making significant contributions in their industries. Students and alumni were so engaged that some stayed well after the two-hour reception to continue their conversations. Given the success of the reception, we are hopeful that it will become a repeat event.

If you know local alumni with unique paths or accomplishments that would enjoy speaking with undergraduates, please email Meredith Pepin at We’ll be sure to extend an invitation for next year’s Meet the Alumni Networking Reception!