Chancellor Announces Realignment of Key Student Support Organizations into Division of Student Life

Published in MIT News on July 1, 2016, by the Office of the Chancellor

Providing seamless, integrated wellness and support services for students is the impetus for realigning three key support organizations into the Division of Student Life (DSL), according to an email from Chancellor Cynthia Barnhart ’88 to the Office of Dean for Undergraduate Education (DUE), Office of Dean for Graduate Education (ODGE), and DSL today. The announcement as well as the effective date of the changes, July 1, coincides with the beginning of Suzy Nelson’s leadership of DSL as vice president and dean for student life.

“Our network of support is strong but I believe it can be stronger,” Barnhart wrote in her email to staff. “We must make it easier for students to access support resources; we must strengthen the connections between residential life and student support; and we must proactively reach the students we know are more likely to need our help.”

Student Support Services (S3), Violence Prevention and Response (VPR), Student Disabilities Services (SDS), and Community Development and Substance Abuse (CDSA) will be combined into a new department serving students under the direction of David Randall. Randall has been named senior associate dean for student support and wellbeing...

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