ATIC "Teatime" Info Sessions for Students with Disabilities

Kathy Cahill, Associate Dean, Assistive Technology Information Center (ATIC)

On October 12 and November 2nd, Kate Quinn and Kathy Cahill of the ATIC/Accessibility/Usability Team conducted two “teatime” information sessions on Assistive Technologies for students with disabilities, with the assistance of staff from Student Disabilities Services (SDS). One session was about Distraction Free Tools, providing information to students about technology-based tools such as website, email, and ad blockers that help students focus on work that needs to be done. Kate also demonstrated web-based timer tools that help students work on tasks for a preset amount of time.   Our second session was about PDF Annotation Tools to make notes, highlights, and other markups to enhance comprehension and usability of their readings. These were very well received and we look forward to collaborating on some further sessions during spring semester.