Architectural Principles Committee Completes Work on Guidance for Future Dorms

Division of Student Life

As work on west campus residential planning continues, a committee of students, faculty, and staff formed by Vice President and Dean for Student Life Suzy Nelson has released a document with academic, social, and dining ideals for future residence halls. Since August, The Architectural Principles for MIT Undergraduate Residences Committee has been synthesizing information from various sources—including MIT reports and surveys, regulations, and industry standards—and gathering community feedback in order to develop a roadmap for the design, construction, and programming of new undergraduate residence halls.

“I am grateful for the contributions of everyone who took part in this process,” Nelson said. “Typically documents like this take much longer than three months to complete, but everyone committed themselves to reviewing MIT’s existing extensive research, gathering new input from our community, and sharing what they learned. The result of this hard work is a solid set of recommendations aimed at ensuring that new dorms support a vibrant student life and learning experience.”

The compressed timeframe was possible in part thanks to the conceptual work done for the Metropolitan Warehouse project. Additionally, the committee reviewed freshman housing surveys, a 2015 housing capacity review, and input from the Student Housing Advisory Council (SHAC) convened by Chancellor Cynthia Barnhart ’88 in 2015 to establish ideals for future MIT campus housing...

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