SuperUROP Class of 2015 Graduates with High Accomplishment and Promise

Published in MIT News on May 22, 2015, by Patricia Sampson, EECS

Chancellor Cynthia Barnhart thanks SuperUROP students for their research and innovation contributions; praises program's quintessential "MIT-ness."

As more than 90 students in MIT's SuperUROP Advanced Undergraduate Research Opportunites Program flowed into a year-end certificates presentation event on May 7 at the Media Lab Skyline Room, they looked quite ready to celebrate a year of work on intense research collaborations with faculty advisors, supported as by the generous backing of industry and private sponsors. 

SuperUROP class of 2015Senior Ava Soleimany says she has gained a “much-nuanced understanding of what exactly research involves.”  With an interest in the computational aspects of synthetic biology and its medical applications, Soleimany applied to be a SuperUROP in spring 2014 in Professor Timothy Lu’s Synthetic Biology Group. She was able to extend her existing Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) project into a SuperUROP. “It allowed me to hit the ground running in the fall while many of my peers were still sorting out the details of their projects,” she notes. Soleimany intends to continue with research at the intersection of biology and electrical engineering and computer science, but learned that she wants to reach beyond synthetic biology. This summer she will do a research internship at Seven Bridges Genomics.

Following their group photo session on the deck of the Media Lab Skyline Room, the SuperUROP graduates gathered to hear MIT Chancellor Cynthia Barnhart warmly congratulate them. “I’d like you to know that your contributions to the research enterprise and the innovation ecosystem at MIT are recognized, are an important element and are deeply appreciated,” she told them.

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