'Students Are Asking' Questions Strike a Chord

DUE Communications

Each month during the academic year, the Undergraduate Student Digest and the Graduate Student Digest feature questions submitted by students, along with answers from the appropriate MIT faculty or staff. These questions, compiled into a "Students Are Asking" (SAA) section, resonate strongly with students; SAA is consistently the most clicked-on section of each Digest. In addition to offering a window into what’s on MIT students’ minds, the questions are often very timely and highlight issues that may be of interest to staff. Here’s a sampling of a few recent questions:                                                                  

Staff who work closely with students, or who are just curious to get a sense of what students are thinking about, can keep abreast of “Students Are Asking” by subscribing to either or both Digests. The Digests, produced by the student communications team (DUE, DSL, ODGE, and the Chancellor's office), are sent monthly to all enrolled undergraduate and graduate students, and highlight events, opportunities, and resources for students. To sign up, click on the “Subscribe” button in the left-hand menu bar on the Undergraduate Digest and/or the Graduate Digest.