ROTC Joint Military Simulator: Aligning Officer Training with MIT's Vision

Lieutenant David P. Lueck, Naval Science Technical Instructor

The MIT Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) unveiled its new high-tech teaching lab at the Joint Military Simulator opening ceremony on Jan. 29.

The Joint Military Simulator, located in Building W59 (Heinz Building), is a combined effort among staff members of the naval science, military science, and aerospace studies departments.MIT ROTC Joint Military Simulator The simulator provides supplemental training to the ROTC curriculum, and enhances the leadership and military skills training of future officers commissioned through the MIT ROTC program. Naval ROTC midshipmen and cadets from Army ROTC and Air Force ROTC will be able to train with software developed by the respective military services designed for ship handling, command and control, and small-unit leadership and tactics.

Midshipman Faith Huynh, a sophomore aerospace engineering major at MIT, looks forward to using the Mariner Skills Simulator, a naval software component of the lab. “Captain Benke and Dean Freeman’s opening words really highlighted the utility and opportunity that we are being given,” she said. The Mariner Skills Simulator creates a virtual ship-handling environment that enhances students’ skills in maritime navigation and in bridge resource management (managing personnel and logistics on the bridge of a ship), to prepare them as future naval officers...

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