MIT Students Join the COOP Board of Directors

Julie Norman, Director of UAAP and Senior Associate Dean

MIT students join COOP board of directorsFour MIT students were elected last spring to serve in leadership roles on the board of directors of the Harvard/MIT COOP.  Victoria Stivanello ’16 (Course 10), who served during the 2014-15 year, was re-elected and will be joined by new directors Ebenezer Nkwate ’17 (Course 6), Charlotte Keeley ’17 (Course 20), and Obasi Onuoha ’17 (Course 6).

The Harvard/MIT COOP is governed by a board of directors consisting of 23 members, 11 students and 11 faculty, administrators or alumni of Harvard or MIT, plus the COOP’s president. The board is responsible for establishing policies that guide operations and for making all significant decisions on strategic plans, major acquisitions, opening/closing stores, and investments.  As members of the board, these MIT students will also serve on two of the following committees: audit, finance, nominating and governance, real estate, university and community relations, and technology and long-range planning.

These student directors will be joined by four non-student directors: DiOnetta Jones Crayton, Stu Schmill, Michael W. Howard, and Julie Norman.