MIT Hosts Discussion on Scaling STEM Education

Published in MIT News by Abby Abazorius, MIT News Office

President Reif and Congressman Joe Kennedy III lead an afternoon of discussions on how to bring quality STEM education to all.

New computer programs designed to teach children multiplication and division, interactive demonstrations of electricity and magnetism, and molecular models used to teach key biology concepts were all on display Thursday afternoon at the MIT Media Lab during an event examining science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education.

The event, dubbed “Scaling STEM” and hosted by MIT President L. Rafael Reif and U.S. Congressman Joe Kennedy III (D-Mass.), focused on how to use technology to improve access to quality STEM education for all students. The afternoon featured demonstrations of new learning tools and outreach efforts, presentations by leading education experts, and a panel discussion.

In his opening remarks, Reif shared why improving access to STEM education is so important to him. He recalled how, as a young student of limited means, studying textbooks developed by MIT faculty members inspired him to pursue a career as an engineer...

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