Meet the New Admissions Bloggers

Kristine Guay, Director of Admissions Communications

2015 MIT Admissions BloggersEvery summer, the admissions communications team posts the blogger application on the admissions website in a blog post. We are looking for students with good judgment who can write clearly and regularly, and convey what it’s like to be an MIT student.

Bloggers are expected to blog at least twice a month. New bloggers also spend at least three hours a week “in residence” in the Admissions Office during normal business hours. This is intended to help new bloggers structure writing time into their schedules, and make it easier for them to ask staff to clarify facts if they're responding to questions or comments.

A team of two admissions officers and four senior bloggers read and evaluate every application. The application asks each blogger to answer a series of questions that require short essay answers and to provide links to other writing samples, media, and blogs they contribute to currently.  

This year, 88 students began an application, and 69 completed it. The blogger committee met at the end of August and chose four new freshman bloggers and one sophomore blogger. This year's cohort includes a Team USA figure skater, and an avid clothing designer who created and wears a signature, 7-pound coat with electric blue-colored fur. You can read more about the the new bloggers on the Admissions website.