HR News: DUE Promotions and New Employees

DUE Human Resources

The following DUE employees received promotions between July 1, 2014 and September 30, 2015:

Michael Ahern
Tamara Bolk
Jennifer Earls
Margaret Eysenbach
Nicole Fountain
Kristine Guay
Brenna Heintz
Holland Hinman
Nai Kalema
Somiya Kalloo
Melissa Mangino

Katherine Metevier
Meredith Pepin
Graham Ramsay
Alessandra Rober Christensen
Deolinda Rodrigues
Debra Shafran
Emily Sheldon
Maura Tierney
Tiffany Valex
Anna Wetterhorn
Lily Zhang


DUE welcomed the following new employees between June 3, 2015 and September 18, 2015:

Sarah Godwin, Associate Director Recruitment
Suzanne Plump, Director of Educational Council

Peterson Dela Cruz, Technical Instructor

Jessica Huang, Summit Coordinator
Elaine Kung, Technical Instructor

Dean for Undergraduate Education
Elizabeth Durant, Communications Coordinator

DUE Desktop Support
Paul Schumacher, IT Consultant III

Edgerton Center
Jessica Artiles, Design Thinking Integration Strategist
Diane Brancazio, Instructor

Global Education & Career Development
Chiuling Campo, Administrative Assistant I
Wendy Hyatt, Career Assistant
Tyrene Jones, Career Development Specialist
Julie Maddox, Assistant Dean, Global Education
Julia Mongo, Pre-Med Writer and Global Ed Advisor
Libby Reed, Career Development Specialist
Kathryn Nesbit, Career Assistant
Devin Smith, Career Assistant
Sarah Solomon, Career Assistant
Sara Stratton, Career Assistant
Leanne Sylvia, Career Assistant

Military Science
Bonnie Paiz, Technical Instructor

Naval Science
Charles Daniel, Technical Instructor
Ryan Wielgus, Technical Instructor

Office of Minority Education
David Kenton, Assistant Dean, Academic and Professional Dev. Programs

Student Financial Services
Amber Fermo, Counselor for Customer Service
Linda Peckham, Communications and Training Manager
Michelle Pezzulli, Associate Director for Customer Service

Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming
Ray Feller, Assistant Dean, Student Support Services
Ike Brochu, Administrative Assistant I

Congratulations to all!