Having the MIT Experience—In Madrid

Global Education and Career Development

MIT MadridP-sets. Dorm Rush. Mystery Hunt. All iconic slices of MIT life. But there’s another MIT beyond this square mile of Cambridge. And that MIT is everywhere.

One piece of it is in Madrid, where every year dozens of MIT students study and intern abroad. Some intern through MISTI, while others spend IAP learning Spanish or reading literature through the IAP-Madrid and IAP Global Literature programs.

Only a handful spend spring semester studying science and engineering at Spanish universities, in classes taught in Spanish. They do it through the MIT-Madrid program, and for them, Madrid is an essential part of the MIT experience.

“My MIT experience would have been incomplete without Madrid,” claims Eric, a Course 6 senior who studied in Madrid last spring. “Some of my best memories of MIT will undoubtedly be from when I studied abroad.”

It’s not unusual to hear that from a student who’s gone abroad. “The most significant and life-changing experience of my undergraduate education at MIT happened abroad,” adds Franco, a MechE alum who went to Madrid in 2012...

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