First Generation Program Welcomes Members of the Class of 2019

Nick Kaempf, Staff Associate, UAAP

The First Generation Program (FGP) is a community of MIT students, faculty, alumni, and staff who will be the first in their families to graduate from college. To welcome some of the newly arrived first generation students, who make up approximately 17 percent of the Class of 2019, FGP hosted its annual Freshman Welcome Dinner during the first week of classes.

Twenty-three freshmen joined eight faculty members and five members of the FGP Student Advisory Board for dinner and discussion. The highlight of the program was the screening of the UAAP’s I Am First Generation video, which features MIT faculty and current students discussing their experience at MIT, and what it's like to be the first in their family to go to college.

MIT First Generation program welcome dinnerIn addition to the Freshman Welcome Dinner, FGP also help first generation freshmen adjust to life at MIT by organizing a Peer Mentor Program, which connects freshmen with an upperclassman mentor who can be a resource during their first year and provide advice on academics, college life, and how to navigate MIT. The Peer Mentor Program accepted 19 freshmen from the Class of 2019 and matched each one with a mentor based on a combination of common academic interests, personal background, extracurricular activities, and what they are looking in a mentoring relationship. Participants commit for the full academic year and are required to attend one FGP event or program per semester with their mentor or mentee, so that they have the opportunity to integrate into the larger FGP community.

For more information about upcoming events and how to get involved, visit the First Generation Program website.