F/ASIP Helps Freshmen Explore Careers and Internships

Tyrene Jones, Career Development Specialist and 2016 F/ASIP Instructor, GECD

F/ASIP programSince 1997, many MIT freshmen have assisted with cutting-edge research and projects on campus and in industry through F/ASIP, the Freshmen/Alumni Summer Internship Program. During the spring of their freshmen year, F/ASIP students participate in a graded seminar, SP.800, that offers career exploration and development training, cultivation of professional skills, and opportunities for finding a summer internship or research experience. This career exploration program and networking opportunity is exclusively for freshmen and is facilitated by Global Education and Career Development.

F/ASIP programStudents can also choose to continue their career exploration through an additional summer course, SP.801, that helps students maximize their first internship or research experience. In the past, students have successfully participated in industry internships, UROPs, and MISTI programs the summer after their freshmen year. In 2015, F/ASIPers gained experience at a variety of locations such as Facebook University, Jane Street, University of Washington Center for Intelligent Materials and Systems, IDEO, Morgan Stanley, Microsoft, Energy-Efficient Multimedia Systems Group, and MISTI Chile.

Do you know of a freshman who you think would be a potential candidate for the program? F/ASIP is a good fit for any MIT freshman who is interested in:

  • Getting an early start (and gaining an edge) on their career development
  • Exploring their interests, skills, and values and how those relate to potential careers
  • Developing their professional and communication skills to become a stronger candidate for employers

F/ASIP ProgramPlease encourage students who might be interested to learn more about the program and apply. Students should register in December for F/ASIP as a spring semester course, SP.800. They should be prepared to make a commitment that includes attending a one-day symposium (either 1/28/16 or 1/29/16), four seminars throughout the spring, meeting with their upperclassmen peer mentors, and completing assignments. F/ASIP is open to all freshmen, including international students. Every student can benefit from the program, regardless of major!

Please email fasip@mit.edu with any questions.