D-Lab Offers Revised Courses This Fall

Nancy Adams, Communications Administrator, D-Lab

We hear this from students all the time: “I really want to take D-Lab!” — as if D-Lab was a single class. Quite to the contrary, D-Lab is a suite of MIT subjects with cross-listings in departments such as Mechanical Engineering, the Media Lab, the School of Architecture, and the Sloan School of Management. All in all, over the past 13 years, D-Lab has developed 21 MIT subjects, with a dozen or more hands-on, project-centered classes offered most academic years.

This fall, D-Lab is offering 10 different subjects on international development, design for—and with—people living in poverty, social entrepreneurship, field research, and supply chains in the developing world. The design classes cover a wide variety of specialties, such as mobility and wheelchairs, prosthetics, waste management, and the design of schools. D-Lab also offers a freshman seminar called D-Lab: Discovery, which seeks to enhance students' creative potential and harness it to address problems in international development.

From time to time, we ask instructors to write about their courses. D-Lab has new instructors this year for D-Lab: Mobility and D-Lab: Prosthetics, so we invited them to write about their approach and focus for these newly revised course offerings:


D-Lab: Mobility

To find out more about all D-Lab classes, visit the D-Lab courses webpage.