2015 DUE Excellence Awards Recipients

Office of the Dean for Undergraduate Education

A number of staff members from DUE received awards at this year's MIT Excellence Awards ceremony held on March 11.

Serving the Client Award

Forms and petitions team

The Forms and Petitions team, a collaboration between staff from DUE and IS&T, won the Serving the Client Award. After soliciting input from students and faculty, the team developed digitized forms for several core student functions: Add/Drop, HASS Concentration, Late Add/Drop, and Graduate Student Petition. In the past, students had to print copies of each form and have advisors and/or instructors sign the forms before turning them in--a time-consuming and cumbersome process for all. "These thoughtful innovations boost the quality of the campus experience for many students and faculty," President Reif said before presenting the award. DUE members of the Forms and Petitions Team include:

Brian Canavan, Associate Registrar, Registrar’s Office
Mary Enterline, Associate Dean, Office of Faculty Support
Patricia Fernandes, Advisor, Communication and HASS Requirements,
Office of Faculty Support
Genèvre Filiault, Assistant Dean for Curriculum and Faculty Support, Office of Faculty Support
Peter Hayes, Associate Registrar, Registrar’s Office
Rosanne Santucci, Communications and Data Specialist, Office of Faculty Support

Unsung Hero Award

David RandallDavid Randall, Associate Dean of Student Support Services, received the Unsung Hero Award for helping "a stunning number of troubled students work through their issues," President Reif said, adding that "for the most part, his remarkable contributions stay primarily under the radar because his work is best done silently." Randall, who heads Student Support Services and is trained as a clinical psychologist, was praised for his work as a student advocate and an advisor to administrators and senior leaders on how to help students in need. As one nominee noted, Randall deserves the Unsung Hero award for the "countless acts he performs every day, evening, and weekend, that result in building a compassionate MIT."

Congratulations to our Excellence Awards recipients this year, and thanks for all you do on behalf of DUE and MIT!