2014-2015 UROP Mentor of the Year Awards

Sara Nelson, Staff Associate, UAAP

UAAP solicits nominations every year from UROP students for the UROP Mentor of the Year Awards. An award is presented to one MIT faculty member and one graduate student/non-faculty UROP supervisor who have demonstrated exceptional mentorship and teaching in a research setting.

Many nominations were submitted, making the selection highly competitive. This year’s Outstanding UROP Mentor Award recipients are:

Kay Tye
Assistant Professor, Picower Institute and Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences

Kay TyeTye was nominated for her dedication to her UROP students’ academic, personal, and professional well-being and growth. In addition, she was praised for continuously going above and beyond for her students and making them feel like a part of a family. A former UROP student herself, Tye currently conducts research focused on a multidisciplinary approach—including optogenetics, electrophysiology, pharmacology, and imaging techniques—to identify mechanistic explanations for how emotional and motivational states influence behavior in health and disease.

David Martin Warsinger
Graduate Student, Mechanical EngineeringDavid Warsinger

Warsinger is a PhD student in mechanical engineering working in Professor John Lienhard’s group. Multiple UROP students nominated him for his energy and enthusiasm for his work; for his teaching; and for ensuring that each UROP student succeeds in whatever they want to do. Warsinger’s current research is in membrane distillation (MD) scaling.