Undergraduate Admissions Office Celebrates 10 Years of Student Blogging

Published in MIT News on September 4

Ten years after Ben Jones, former director of communications at MIT, and Matt McGann, current director of admissions at MIT, first conceived of using uncensored, student-generated content on the homepage of the undergraduate admissions website, the MIT Admissions Office celebrates an unparalleled decade of student blogging.

Earlier last month, admissions staff invited blogger alumni from the previous 10 years to write a new blog post about where they have been since graduating from the Institute.

“These are, in my opinion, some of the best blogs that have ever been written for MIT Admissions," says Chris Peterson, assistant director of admissions. “If I could assign reading to prospective students like I can assign it to my students, I would have any serious applicant read all of these. I feel like I have learned so much — about MIT, about myself — by doing so.”

Ben Jones, now vice president for communications at Oberlin College, was the first to post, with his "50 Reflections," a spinoff from his 2006 post, "50 Things," a post that still gets the most traffic of any entry ever written on the MIT blogs...

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