Summer School for Edgerton Clubs and Teams

by Camilla Brinkman, Communications Administrator, Edgerton Center

Through the Edgerton Center’s clubs and teams program, students apply themselves to challenging projects, for competition and for their own edification and satisfaction. This year there were 13 student-led teams, with over 200 MIT students participating. Over the summer, the N51 shop–adjacent to the MIT Museum–was a hub of activity with students fine-tuning their projects for upcoming challenges. Here are some of the highlights of this summer's projects:

  • In June, the MIT Robotics team placed second in NASA’s Robo-Ops Competition at the Rock Yard at Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX. Teams in the event are challenged to build a planetary rover and demonstrate its capabilities to perform a series of tasks.Formula SAE team race car
  • The Formula SAE team (also known as MIT Motorsports) constructed their first electric car and placed seventh, in a field of 20, at the Society of Automotive Engineers Race in Lincoln, NE. The team is now building their second Formula-style electric car.
  • The Solar Electric Vehicle Team built their twelfth car, “Valkyrie,” and while they were not able to participate in the American Solar Challenge due to mechanical issues, they have set their sights on entering the 2015 World Solar Challenge with a new four-wheeled iteration of the solar car.
  • In August, the Electric Vehicle Team (EVT) traveled 185 miles from Boston to Albany, NY, using less than one battery charge (3% of their battery charge remaining) on their trike/trailer system.
  • The Spokes team of seven MIT, Harvard, and Columbia students completed their cross-country bike ride from San Franciso, CA to Washington, DC stopping in over 10 public schools to host project-based  “learning festivals” for middle and high-school students. Their team blog traces their progress over the summer.

There are many more teams in the midst of exciting projects. Visit the Edgerton website to find out more about the rest of our clubs and teams.