New Faces in DUE June - September 2014

DUE Human Resources

Several new staff joined DUE between June 15, 2014 - September 23, 2014



Dana Kingman, Administrative Assistant II
Jessica Ch’ng, Admissions Counselor
Chase Weldon, Assistant Director

Aerospace Studies

Karen Dillard, Commander, Visiting Professor


Megha Hegde, Project Coordinator
Pedro Reynolds-Cuellar, Instructor

Edgerton Center

Roberto Melendez, Technical Instructor

Global Education & Career Development 

Elizabeth Robbins, Employer Relations Coordinator
Angel Seto, Career Assistant
Michael Ahern, Career Assistant
Justin Crim, Career Assistant
Samantha Neary, Career Assistant
Timothy Valton II, Career Assistant
Kathleen Mulroy Career Assistant

Military Science

John McHale, Technical Instructor

Naval Science

Michael Hritz, Technical Instructor
Carlos Askew, Technical Instructor

Office of Faculty Support

Lauren Reemsnyder, Staff Associate

Office of Minority Education

Somiya Kalloo,  Program Assistant

Student Financial Services

Daniel Goncalves, Technical Support Specialist

Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming

Evan Heisman, Administrative Assistant I