MIT Senior Michelle Teplensky Wins Gates Cambridge Scholarship

Published in MIT News on February 10, 2014 by Nora Delaney, Global Education and Career Development

MIT senior Michelle Teplensky has won a Gates Cambridge Scholarship, a competitive full-cost scholarship which will allow her to pursue a PhD in chemical engineering and biotechnology at the University of Cambridge, UK, in fall 2014.MIT Senior Michelle Teplensky

At the University of Cambridge, Teplensky will focus her PhD work on biotechnology and polymers, designing drug-targeting systems that can be commercialized. With the ultimate goal of becoming a chief technology officer at a biotechnology company, she intends to focus her future research on targeted treatments. She is particularly interested not only in curing disease, but also making treatments less arduous. Teplensky explains, “I plan to work under Professor Nigel Slater to address the existent issue of treating debilitating diseases with a more effective and efficient drug delivery by combining novel technologies in chemical engineering, polymer science, and biopharmaceuticals. Professor Slater's current research into targeted nanoparticles and biopolymers is a great fit for my passion and interests and I am incredibly excited and grateful to the Gates Cambridge Trust for such an incredible opportunity.”

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