HR News You Can Use - June 2014

DUE Human Resources

Guidelines for Minors Working, Interning, or Visiting MIT DLCs

MIT HR launched a website covering guidelines for minors working, interning, or visiting MIT DLCs.  We want to highlight some of the key issues to be aware of when dealing with minors.

It is important to ensure that individuals supervising minors understand the critical aspects of their role as it pertains to a minor.  Minors should be closely supervised, trained on safety practices, and doing work that complies with Massachusetts child labor laws.  In addition, MIT prohibits the employment or internships of any minors under age 16 whether paid or unpaid.  (Please note: for the purpose of employment, a minor is between the ages of 16-18.)

For more detailed information for administrators, supervisors of minors, or those sponsoring programs for minors, the following resources are available:

If you have issues or questions, contact DUE Human Resources Director Sharon Bridburg or Human Resources Administrator Kristin McCoy for further assistance.