Fun Facts About MIT Retention and Graduation Rates

By Ri Romano, Associate Registrar

Each year, government agencies as well as several college guides collect data regarding student retention and graduation rates. In some ways, these metrics are a measure of how good the fit is between an entering cohort and the college or university. The retention rate refers to the number of freshmen in a cohort who enroll in the fall of the following year. The six-year graduation rate refers to the number of students in the cohort who either graduate or who are accepted into MIT graduate school in six years or less.

Retention Rates

The average retention rate at MIT is 98% and that does not fluctuate much from year to year. A gender breakdown reveals that in most years the retention rate for women is slightly higher than the retention rate for men.

Retention rates bar chart

Retention rate by gender bar chart

Six-Year Graduation Rates

The average six-year graduation rate at MIT is 93% and that also does not fluctuate a great deal from year to year. A gender breakdown here shows a more significant difference in the graduation rates between women and men with the women’s rate consistently higher.

Six year graduation rate chart

Six year graduation rate by gender