D-Lab Youth Updates: Fieldwork in Ghana and India, Education Class in Full Swing

Jessica Huang, D-Lab Education Instructor and Youth Program Coordinator

This January, I traveled to Ghana as part of a team of five D-Labbers to work with our partner schools in the community of New Longoro. The team collaborated with teachers to run hands-on science and design activities in three primary schools, two junior secondary schools, and the new senior secondary school that D-Lab helped to start.D-Lab Development team

In response to requests from the teachers, the team is also:

1) Exploring how to start a community library headquartered in one of the primary schools, as there is no library in the region and the schools currently only have a few textbooks (no storybooks).

2) Laying the groundwork for a science laboratory, stocked mostly with low-cost materials found nearby, for teachers to use to reduce the set-up time burden when doing hands-on science activities with their students.

3) Exploring income generation options to increase school sustainability and provide a funding source for supplies to do hands-on activities (did some market research on the possibilities of goat farming and mushroom farming, and planted 415 moringa tree seedlings with plans to sell what is produced to MoringaConnect down the line).

This work is being continued by three team members after the January trip, another team led by Amy Smith who is going to New Longoro to April, and a new team of students from this spring's D-Lab: Education class preparing to travel in August-September with the Practical Education Network.

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