D-Lab: Education’s Notes from the Field, Summer 2014

Jessica Huang, D-Lab Instructor

It was a busy summer for D-Lab students and community partners. Teams traveled to Columbia, Uganda, Haiti, and Ghana to work on a range of projects, from helping a school start a chicken coop business to setting up a computer lab with Raspberry Pi and used monitors. D-Lab Instructor Jessica Huang provides an update on the progress of each project.


Students in Uganda prototyping social entrepreneurship ideas The Colombia team was the first to travel, leaving in mid-June after a semester of preparation in the D-Lab: Education class, additional meetings, work into the summer, and even a hackathon-inspired session that the team planned to enable themselves to spend long hours together to move their project forward more quickly.

The Colombia team has been collaborating with parents and youth at a community-initiated school in Malambo, Instituto Pedagógico Miguel de Zubería, to develop ways to help sustain the school financially. For example, one prototype that the team worked on is setting up a small school store with a mobile application that teachers and parents can access on their phones...

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