Published by MIT Admissions Blogger Chelsea R. '15 on Sept 14, 2014


MIT Admissions Blogger Chelsea R talks about the readmission process facilitated by Student Support Services and being a returning student

September 2nd

The round tables are blue, yellow, and green this year. I don’t think they’ve ever been so colorful – I remember white tablecloths, or no tablecloths at all – but I can’t be sure. After you come back to a place enough times, all your visits start to blur together.

This is my eighth Reg Day, although I only count seven of them. It’s also the fourth time I’ve sat on the Returning Student Luncheon panel of… the only way to describe us is “formerly returned students.” This year, there are four of us. We’re a good group, a healthy mix of ages, genders, and life experiences, and we’re here to talk tips and tricks, to tell the current batch of returning students (who I’ll call “the returners” from here on out) that it’s going to be okay.

Everyone likes to hear that. Some will need to hear it more than others.

My name is Chel. I left MIT halfway through a botched sophomore fall to receive treatment for clinical depression. The semester I was readmitted, I attended a Returning Student Luncheon on Reg Day. I’ve paneled at every one since.


The Returning Student Luncheon happens every Reg Day. It’s organized by Laura Maxim of Student Support Services (S3), who coordinates the readmission process for students returning from any type of leave, be it voluntary, medical, or required. Laura exudes so much warmth that you know she’s on your side right when you meet her…

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