Add/Drop Goes Digital

Published in MIT News on February 20, 2014, by Elizabeth Durant, Office of the Dean for Undergraduate Education

The Registrar’s Office rolled out its newest digital tool, an online add/drop form, on Jan. 27 — just in time for the beginning of spring term. Like the paper version, the form allows students to add or drop courses, adjust units, change status (for example, from credit to listener), and obtain advisor approval. However, not only is the digital version more convenient and efficient, but it also is equipped with helpful interactive tools.

MIT classroomDeveloped by the Registrar’s Office and Information Systems and Technology (IS&T), the online add/drop form comes on the heels of other recent digital initiatives, notably online grading and online registration. These initiatives have come to fruition as a result of the Education Systems Roadmap, a strategic plan to modernize applications and processes central to the Institute’s educational priorities. “This is indeed a transformative moment at MIT,” says Registrar Mary Callahan.

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