9th Grade Girls Soldering: You Go Girl!

Published on July 15, 2014, in Slice of MIT by Kate Hoagland, Alumni Association

Last week 24 soldering irons were producing a lot of heat up in MIT’s Edgerton Center. Their operators? 24 rising ninth grade girls donning goggles and melting wires to make miniature traffic lights and flashlights as part of a lesson in electrical circuitry. “Today we got rid of a lot of fear,” said Amy Fitzgerald, the instructor of You Go Girl! a four-day crash course in all things science for girls.

You Go Girl! participants“I really wish I had gone through a program similar to this one when I was their age,” said An Ho ’15, an MIT student volunteer majoring in mechanical engineering. “I didn’t know what a soldering iron was until I came here for college. To see girls soldering on their own is mind blowing.”

In addition to electric circuits, the girls modeled both chemical reactions and molecular biology processes using LEGO blocks. “We are doing actual chemical reactions, mad scientist style,” said Fitzgerald about the LEGO chemistry lesson.

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