2013-2014 UROP Mentor of the Year Awards

Sara Nelson, Staff Associate, UAAP

Every year, the Office of Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming (UAAP) solicits nominations from UROP students for the UROP Mentor of the Year Awards. An award is presented each year to one MIT faculty member and one graduate student/non-faculty UROP supervisor who have demonstrated exceptional guidance and teaching in a research setting.

Many nominations were submitted, making the selection highly competitive. This year’s Outstanding UROP Mentors are:

Polina AnikeevaPolina Anikeeva
Assistant Professor, Materials Science & Engineering

Professor Anikeeva received multiple nominations for her commitment to her UROP students, inspiring and empowering them to develop into better scientists and engineers. Her current research focuses on the development of novel methods and electronic devices for neural stimulation.


LLuke Mooneyuke Mooney
Graduate Student, Media Lab

Luke Mooney is a PhD student in mechanical engineering working with Professor Hugh Herr’s Biomechatronics Group. Luke was nominated by a number of his UROP students for his infinite dedication to and enthusiasm for his students’ professional and personal growth. A former UROP student himself, Luke currently studies the design, development, and testing of leg exoskeletons for human augmentation.