Women in Science – a GECD Event Featuring 5 Female Scientists

Rieko Ouchi, Graduate Intern, GECD: Career Services

Students listen to panelist at Women in Science eventOn January 16, Rieko Ouchi, in collaboration with Christina Henry from MIT’s Global Education & Career Development (GECD), facilitated the workshop “Women in Science: Challenges and Opportunities in the Workplace.” This event provided an opportunity for female students at MIT to engage in candid dialog with successful scientists about the unique challenges they have faced throughout their careers and how to best navigate the job search process and work environment.

The panelists, representing various careers in science, were: Dr. Carmen Bozic (Biogen Idec), Ms. Vicki Tardif Holland (Google), Dr. Ana Jaklenec (Langer Lab), Dr. Juliana Leung (Broad Institute), and Dr. Hazel Sive (MIT Biology). They provided the following advice:

  • Mentorship: Find mentors who give positive feedback and encouragement to female scientists. Having a strong network of support is important, and regularly meeting with mentors can be beneficial.
  • Serendipity: Be confident in your skills and the work that you can contribute. Be strategic in the position you seek out, but also be flexible and open to new opportunities that may arise to advance your career.
  • Work Life Balance: Although a career in science requires long hours and time away from family, children can appreciate having a mother who dedicates her career to societal good.

In addition to MIT’s continuous and fruitful efforts to promote female scientists (e.g., A Study on the Status of Women Faculty in Science at MIT), GECD was pleased to host an event that brought further awareness to the need for inclusive academic and work environments.