New ESG Interim Director and Video Communications Manager

Experimental Study Group (ESG)

Leigh RoydenThe Experimental Study Group is pleased to welcome Professor Leigh Royden, Professor of Geology and Geophysics at the Program in Geology and Geochemistry, as Interim Director for the coming year.  Professor Alex Slocum is on leave of absence while taking a post as Assistant Director for Advanced Manufacturing at the White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy.  Leigh conducts research on plate tectonics, mountain building and continental collision in the Mediterranean region and in the Tibetan Himalayan region.  This summer she, along with several other geology faculty, is leading a group of MIT undergrads and grad student across the northwestern Himalaya.

Leigh is looking forward to expanding the video communications program at MIT (see below) and to interacting closely with ESG alumni in order to better integrate the many generations of ESGers who have come through MIT.  She is already familiar with ESG, having supplemented the ESG physics program by teaching 8.01 in the fall for the past three years.

Graham RamsayAt the same time, Graham Ramsay, who has been the ESG Program Coordinator for 11 years, has expanded his role to serve as ESG Video Communications Manager. Graham will be developing a video communications infrastructure that will help serve ESG’s core mission of student-centered education.  Graham will be working closely with students and staff, teaching them to create video content relating to the student’s general institute requirements in math, physic, chemistry, biology, and the humanities.  He will also be working with students to help them develop video communications skills that can be used broadly throughout their academic careers at MIT to create online portfolio content in support of their majors.