The MIT Physics Department's Experience with edX

Published in MIT Faculty Newsletter September/October 2013 by John Belcher, Professor of Physics and Class of 1960 Faculty Fellow

A demonstration by Physics Professor Walter Lewin in the edX course Classical Mechanics.The MIT Physics Department has a long history of innovation in physics education, beginning with the formation in 1956 of the Physical Science Study Committee led by Jerrold Zacharias and Francis Friedman. More recent highlights include the enormous, world-wide impact of the Web physics lectures of Professor Walter Lewin beginning in the 1990s and continuing to the present, and the implementation in the early 2000s of the widely emulated interactive physics classroom instruction model for residential education, TEAL [Technology Enhanced Active Learning]. Given the Department’s current prominence in the GIR educational experience, and its long history in physics education, Professor Edmund Bertschinger, the then Physics Department Head, positioned the Department to become involved in edXat an early stage in the last academic year, both to gain experience in using the online platform and also to influence the capabilities of that platform by being an “early adopter.”

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