DUE and DSL Come Together to Enjoy Some "Hoops"

David Randall, Associate Dean, Student Support Services, UAAP

DUE and DSL participants in basketball shoot out

In an upset of epic proportions, DUE beat DSL in the first basketball skills challenge between the two divisions. The DUE-DSL Committee organized the event, after a call from staff in both divisions for more informal opportunities to interact with each other. A section was reserved in Rockwell Cage on January 10th for DUE and DSL staff to cheer on the MIT Men’s and Women’s basketball teams in their games against the Coast Guard Academy and Babson College. The section was nearly filled to capacity and all who attended felt a nice energy in the air, connecting with their colleagues and supporting MIT Athletics. As part of the event, attendees were asked to bring donations for the Salvation Army to help families in need of supplies and food for their babies. The Salvation Army was very appreciative of the generous donations. 

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The highlight of the evening came, though, after a dominant first half by the MIT Men’s team. Staff from DUE and DSL streamed onto the court to compete in a skills competition that consisted of lay-ups, free throws, and three pointers. The DSL, by all reports, was stacked with ballers. Their team consisted of :

  • Stephanie "The Killer" Hansen (DSL Communications)
  • Josh "J-Smooth" Gonzalez (Residential Life Programs)
  • Jason "Kobe Wan Kenobi" Lee (DAPER)
  • Stephanie "K-Lo" Kloos (DAPER)
  • Joel "J-Bear" Pettigrew (SAO)
  • Dan "Go Run and Tell That" Roderick (Residential Life & Dining)
  • Meredith "Poker Face" Volker (DAPER)
  • Mike "Z" Zakarian (Residential Life Programs)
  • Don “The Godfather” Camelio (Student Outreach and Support) coached the DSL team

Scouting reports on DUE had us pegged as a ragtag bunch of academics. The DUE team included:

  • “D-Nice” Dwayne Daughtry (Student Financial Services)
  • Jeanne “The Traveling Machine” Glasheen (OME)
  • Alex “The Boss” Hoyt (UAAP)
  • Nicholas “Rainmaker” Kaempf  (S3/UAAP)
  • Quinton “No Worries” McArthur (Admissions)
  • Josh “The Half Truth” Nupp (GECD)
  • David “Dr. Dunkenstein” Randall from S3/UAAP coached the DUE team

As soon as the competition kicked off, it became clear DUE was firing on all cylinders and that the scouting reports hadn’t accounted for heart. Nick Kaempf went a perfect 5 for 5 with layups, three pointers were added by David Randall, Josh Nupp, Dwayne Daughtry, and Quinton McArthur, and Jeanne Glasheen and Alex Hoyt used their soft touch to drain two layups each. When the final buzzer sounded, DUE had emerged victorious by a score of 37-23. MVP honors were awarded to Kaempf for his deadly shooting, although all agreed that “The Travelling Machine” Glasheen was the inspirational leader of the team, because of her gutsy and emotional performance!

After the event people were immediately asking about competitive events in the future to bring together the two divisions. Please feel free to share ideas with the DUE-DSL Committee, chaired by David Randall (drandall@mit.edu) or Leah Flynn (laflynn@mit.edu).