DUE 2013 Infinite Mile Award Recipients

DUE Human Resources

On June 10th, the DUE community came together to recognize and celebrate the outstanding contributions of DUE staff members. Each year, staff within DUE nominate their peers for their contributions in Communication and Collaboration, Community Customer Service, Diversity and Inclusion, Innovation and Creativity and Leadership. Congratulations to all the 2013 DUE Infinite Mile Award recipients!

DUE 2013 Infinite Mile

2013 Infinite Mile Award Recipients


Individual Awards


Patricia Fernandes
Customer Service

Office of Faculty Support
Joshua Nupp

Global Education & Career Development
Daniel Hastings

DUE Headquarters
Brendon Puffer

Student Financial Services
Kim Lesly Hunter
Communication & Collaboration

Admissions Office
Erin Scott
Global Education and Career Development
Kathleen Monagle
Diversity & Inclusion

Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programing
Marilyn Sullivan
Customer Service

Admissions Office

Team Awards

CPW Host Matching Algorithm
Innovation & Creativity

Admissions Office
Lauren Avalos, Kirsten Derrickson, Karen Johnson, Katie Kelley, and Matt McGann


Interphase EDGE Team
Communication & Collaboration

Office of Minority Education
Antonio Perry, Deolinda Rodrigues, and Tammy Stevens