UAAP Recognizes Faculty and Student Contributions to Teaching, Advising and Mentoring

Leslie Bottari, Staff Associate, UAAP

Each year, the Office of Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming selects MIT faculty for three Institute Convocation awards. We were pleased with both the number and quality of nominations, which spoke to the contributions of our Institute’s distinguished faculty. The following faculty are this year’s award recipients:

John Belcher: Arthur Smith Award for Life-long Contributions to Student Life and Learning

Nominators agree that Physics Professor John Belcher is one of the great minds on campus. His creation of TEAL, the Technology Enabled Active Learning method for physics, combines physics knowledge, experience and humor to make physics class FUN! It is because of his heart, his generous spirit, his encouragement to students and his contributions in support of first generation students that he receives the Arthur C. Smith Award.

Ed Greitzer: Everett Moore Baker Award for Excellence in Teaching

Professor Ed Greitzer’s nominations for the Baker Award highlighted the valuable teacher that he is considered to be at MIT. Among comments in his support letters, it was said, “Ed is the rock upon which we build our excellence in undergraduate education and the glue that holds us together.” He is not satisfied with just obtaining results on a test or for a student’s research. His aim is to make students into intellectuals that value understanding the “why” just as or even more importantly than the “what”.

Maria Yang: Earll Murman Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Advising

Assistant Professor Maria Yang is the recipient of the Earll Murman Award, which recognizes excellence in undergraduate advising. Student nominators expressed their appreciation to Prof. Yang for helping them realize their academic passions and offering valuable insight as a mentor and friend. Students agree that Professor Yang is someone who continues to make a long-term impact on their life.

Additionally, the UAAP reviewed nominations for Outstanding Freshman Advisor, Associate Advisor, UROP Faculty Mentor, and UROP Graduate Student Mentor. It was an honor to select the best of the best who will be recognized at a luncheon celebration on May 9. The honorees include:

Freshman Advisors of the Year:

  • Dean and Professor Deborah Fitzgerald and

  • Professor Vladimir Bulovic

Associate Advisors of the Year:

  • Mari Miyachi (RAA for Provost Rafael Reif) and

  • Ekaterina Paramonova (AA for Lauren Avalos)

UROP Faculty Mentor of the Year:

  • Professor Tanja Bosak, EAPS

UROP Graduate Student Mentor of the Year:

  • Halil Tekin, PhD student, Course 6 under Prof. Khademhosseini and Prof. Langer