Teaching and Learning Lab Celebrates SUTD Video Project Milestone

Leann Dobranski, Assistant Director, TLL

For the past year, the Teaching and Learning Laboratory has been developing a series of 24 concept vignettes , short educational videos which cover pivotal concepts in science and engineering. The vignettes were funded as part of MIT's collaboration with Singapore to build the new Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). In order to choose the most salient topics for the videos, the TLL project team developed a concept map of the first two years of the SUTD curriculum. The team identified topics such as Kinetic Theory, Gradient, and Newton’s Laws. For their pedagogical knowledge and subject matter expertise, TLL welcomed three postdocs to the staff: Colin Fredericks, Jennifer French, and Dipa Shah, who hold Ph.Ds in physics, mathematics, and chemical & biological engineering, respectively.

The 15 minute concept vignettes will initially be used in the curriculum at SUTD. Faculty will use the vignettes in various ways to make appropriate connections and promote learning outcomes. The concept map can be viewed outside the TLL offices in 5-122.

This past April, the Teaching and Learning Laboratory (TLL) hosted a reception for participating faculty and staff to celebrate the completion of the year-long video project. Over 20 MIT faculty including Dean Hastings and Mechanical Engineering Professor Sanjay Sarma, who is the Director of the MIT/SUTD Collaboration Office, starred as the narrators in videos with topics related to their area of research expertise. The goal of each video was to support student learning of key concepts in engineering and design. Each video and the accompanying Instructor Guides were designed to accommodate a wide range of uses by both SUTD faculty and students, inside and outside the classroom.