The Sophomore Year Experience

James Collins, Assistant Dean, Student Support Services, UAAP

The Sophomore Year Experience is an initiative expanding on the work of the Sophomore Year Transition Program in Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming (UAAP). MIT Staff from several offices, including UPOP, Residential Life Programs, Alumni Office’s Externship Program, Public Service Center, Global Education and Career Development and UAAP, have formed the SYE Committee to develop programming and bring awareness to available resources for sophomore students.

The SYE Committee hopes to work closely with the officers of the Class of 2015 to help shape the SYE Program, and hopes to have an SYE website up and running by the end of the summer. Among the goals of the SYE:

  • Increase sophomores’ awareness of resources for academic and personal planning and growth.
  • Foster strong personal and class identity for sophomores.
  • Help sophomores make informed and thoughtful decisions about their future.
  • Create purposeful transitions to and from the sophomore year.
  • Help sophomores further develop relationships with faculty, staff, advisors and peers.
  • Bring awareness of the unique developmental needs of sophomores to faculty and staff.