Review Committee on Orientation releases recommendations

Published in MIT News on April 2, 2012

Students move into the dorms during Orientation

To ensure that first-year students form lasting connections and transition successfully to the undergraduate experience at MIT, Orientation should be an ongoing process that intentionally extends throughout the first year, not simply a week-long event in August, according to the recently released report by the Review Committee on Orientation (RCO). The report also recommends that Residential Exploration (REX) should continue, but needs a renewed focus that better integrates with Orientation.

The RCO spent the past year conducting a comprehensive study of this critical period. The report offers specific recommendations in four primary areas:

  • Orientation programming;
  • Freshmen Pre-Orientation Programs (FPOP);
  • Residential Exploration (REX) and Housing;
  • Fraternities, Sororities, and Independent Living Groups (FSILG) recruitment.

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