Presidential Transitions

Daniel Hastings, Dean for Undergraduate Education

We will soon be having a Presidential transition here at MIT (and maybe one in the US as well). These are always times to reflect on the directions the Institute has taken and the issues that it faces going forward. In my thinking, MIT faces a number of issues including:

  • Building renewal and maintenance. We have to have a handle on this and it will take a lot of money.
  • Declining Federal support for research.
  • Global engagements; while good, we have to be sure they do not overburden our faculty.
  • Online education and its impact on us.

I have communicated these to the search committee, as well as my desire to have a President who cares deeply about education in a place like MIT. I would encourage you to communicate your thoughts to the committee so that they get as much input as possible. The search committee has setup a webpage where you can submit your comments or you can follow up directly with the committee members.