A New Year with a New President and New Class of Students

Daniel Hastings, Dean for Undergraduate Education

We are starting a new year with a new President and a new class. This is always a time of renewal at a place like MIT. It is a time to once again commit ourselves to our core values and principles. It is a time to start each day energized and focused on serving our customers, the students at MIT. I know that all of you will do this as we start afresh.

The President has started to lay out the issues that he will focus upon in his early tenure. They include:

  • The educational impact on MIT of educational technology including edX and how edX affects us.

  • International partnerships for MIT.

  • Research in human health.

  • Manufacturing as a research initiative.

  • Research in the environment.

Both educational technology and international initiatives are emphasized in DUE's strategic themes. We will play a large role in shaping the impact of edX on an MIT education. This will help to transform us in ways that we cannot yet see. We also play a critical role in some of the international partnerships that MIT is developing. I look forward to working on these with many of you.