A New (but well known) President

Daniel Hastings, Dean for Undergraduate Education

Since I last wrote, the new President of MIT has been elected. He is Rafael Reif, the current Provost. This is good news for DUE and our mission. Even though formally DUE reports to the Chancellor, the Provost oversees all the budgets in the academic units and mixed (academic and administrative) units. Thus, the Provost approves our budgets. As Provost, Prof. Reif is quite familiar with the offices and activities in DUE. I do not feel I need to explain DUE to him.

This is a very good election for MIT. As Provost, Prof. Reif started a number of bold initiatives, some of which are still playing out. He also showed a great mastery of the financial details of MIT and was bold in dealing with the financial crisis. He has already said that he will focus on issues of education and innovation, which are issues of concern to us. I have every hope that he will be a great President.