New Faces in DUE August-October 2012


Several new staff joined DUE between August 22 – October 26, 2012


Admissions Office

Dawn Wendell, Assistant Director


Saif Rayyan, Lecturer


Suhail Kassim, Technical Instructor
Eric Reynolds, Program Coordinator
Rebecca Smith, Program Coordinator
Nadia Elkordy, Project Coordinator

Edgerton Center

Daniel Mokrauer-Madden, Administrative Assistant

Global Education and Career Development

Nyasha Toyloy, Administrative Assistant
Charles McClinton, Associate Director of Pre-Health Advising

Military Science

Aaron Dombroski, Technical Instructor

Naval Science

Nicholas Romer, Technical Instructor

Office of the Dean for Undergraduate Education

Kristin McCoy, Human Resources Administrator

Office of Educational Innovation and Technology

Lourdes Aleman, Program Coordinator for Curriculum Innovation

Office of Minority Education

Jeanne Glasheen, Administrative Assistant
Anu Meacham, Program Coordinator

Teaching & Learning Laboratory

Frances Carter, Postdoctoral Associate
Claudia Aebischer, Visiting Research Associate