Momentum 2012: Windmill Design and Industry Connections

Elsie Otero, Assistant Dean for Academic Programs and Advising, OME

The 2012 Momentum program was tremendously successful. The Office of Minority Education (OME) sponsored Momentum program is an IAP course (16.682) where first and second year students work in teams to address an engineering design challenge. The course was taught by Professor Wesley Harris and Marc Graham, PhD.

This year the students were tasked with building portable windmills for electricity generation. We had 31 students participate broken up into 8 teams. Participants spent the first week learning about windmills and deterministic design. For the remainder of the time the students worked in the D-Lab with their team members and TA’s to construct their windmill designs. The course culminated with presentations to industry sponsors on Thursday, January 26, 2012, where 3 teams were awarded prizes. All the teams did a fantastic job making the judges’ job of picking the top 3 extremely difficult.

Momemtum students - IAP 2012