MIT Welcomes Back Re-Admitted Students

Laura Maxim, Staff Associate, Student Support Services

On Monday, February 6th, UAAP welcomed back many of the forty-six MIT students returning to campus for the Spring 2012 semester at its biannual Returning Students Luncheon hosted by Student Support Services. Returning students are resuming their studies at MIT following a withdrawal from the Institute for personal, academic or medical reasons and have successfully completed the readmission process.

Attending the luncheon were the S3 Deans and several UAAP administrators, who offered their support to the returning students in their transition back to MIT. Dean Julie Norman opened the event with a warm welcome, which was followed by encouraging words from Dean David Randall. The event also showcased two former returning students, Randall Briggs and Lizz Albany, who spoke candidly about their experience both at and away from MIT. They shared some of the highlights and challenges they faced in coming back to campus. This luncheon was the first of many opportunities over the coming semester for returning students to gather socially and to reacquaint themselves with the available resources on campus.

Special thanks goes to the many members of DUE and the MIT community who assisted these students with their return.

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