MIT Together - A Focal Point for Student Support

Anna Babbi Klein, Communications Manager, DUE

MIT Together logo

In mid-October, MIT Together was officially launched. This Chancellor-led program came out of a task force Eric Grimson brought together last spring, following the death of three students on campus. In considering the difficulties MIT students face, the student culture, and the available support services, the task force recommended MIT Together as a way to:

  • Increase awareness of MIT's resources for students who feel overwhelmed or isolated.
  • Help students seeking assistance find the right resource as soon as possible.
  • Demystify what generally happens when a student visits MIT Medical, S3, or another service
  • Undermine the stigma associated with asking for help at MIT
  • Normalize failure and celebrating challenges as part of learning, discovery, and progress 
  • Challenge students' self-perception of their abilities through contextual information, data, and statistics 

The centerpiece of MIT Together is the website, a single portal to support options for students, with sub-pages for undergraduates, graduate students, parents, and faculty. The site will be very helpful to faculty and staff who advise students - as both a source of information and a resource for their advisees.

Beyond the website, a publicity campaign is drawing attention to the issues of student support.  This includes posters around campus, door hangers on student rooms, and MIT Together business cards for faculty and staff. The goal is to make MIT Together visible to students and part of the student vernacular.

If you have any questions or suggestions on the content of the site or the campaign, please contact Anna Babbi Klein, Communications Manager for DUE ( Over the next several months, Anna will be working on getting posters and other materials to DUE offices.