MIT-Madrid: Five Students Share their Study Abroad Experience

Published in MIT News on Oct 30, 2012

Five MIT students — C.J. Enloe (Course 14); Sara Comis, Saul Lopez and Franco Montalvo (Course 2); and Elise Myers (Course 12) — spent last semester in Madrid participating in the MIT-Madrid Program. They studied at two leading Spanish universities — Universidad Politecnica de Madrid and Universidad Complutense de Madrid — and experienced Madrid and Spanish culture through total immersion. They took classes with Spanish students, lived with Spanish families, ate Spanish food, and experienced Spanish traditions, way of life, art, architecture and more, up close.

C.J. Enloe, Elise Myers and Franco Montalvo take a weekend trip to SegoviaSara Comis, Saul Lopez, and Elise Myers tour the campus of Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Global Education and Career Development asked the students to share what they think they accomplished and would remember most from their semester in Madrid and here is what they said....

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